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It’s Friday night. It’s 8pm. My willpower to NOT drink 2 (or 3) glasses of wine with a bag of dill pickle chips is decreasing hour-by-hour. I actually thought to myself in the last 15 minutes: only 3 hours to bedtime. Yes. It’s Friday night and I’m longing to go to bed – as fast as possible. This cannot be what healthy eating is all about. Well, actually it is when you have diehard habits screaming their bloody heads off. I have promised myself that I will get through this weekend, just one weekend, without diving my face into a pile of peanut butter M&M’s à la Al Pacino in Scarface.

I have nothing to complain about, I should be out enjoying life and health on this beautiful 20 degree Friday night – the food today was fantastic and I ate it one delicious bowl at a time.

The best by far was a decision I made to do a little grain bowl reconnoissance. I love quinoa “salad” bowl for lunch. I made my way to Kensington Market in the hopes of picking up a few tips from some master vegan artists at Urban Herbivore. You get a choice of 7 different types of grain and then an astounding 27 different choices for your veggie additions (6 of them!) and then a homemade dressing. It’s ahhhmazing and I have a new cache of some super toppings. (You can see their full choice offering on their website under “Bowls”)

Breakfast:day 12 of 30 Healthy Eating Challenge

Plain Oatmeal

1 cup almond milk


1 MacIntosh apple



1 cup Quinoa-Beluga Lentils

Cabbage Slaw

Artichoke Hearts

Marinated Mushrooms

Tamari Tempeh

Sesame Tofu


Sunflower Seeds

Red Wine-Dijon Dressing



2 Bok Choy Sliced

Soy Marinated Tofu

1 tsp Olive oil

Red Pepper Flakes



David’s Teas: Cool Cactus Green Tea

1 tsp honey

This is not even everything that I ate today. Friday? Why you so hard?

I visited another mom this morning and our (not to sound biased or anything) astoundingly beautiful children played together while we ate carrot-zuchinni-cashew bread and I received my first lessons in how to use a pressure cooker (future cooking excitement!). After leaving our lovely play date, I needed more of something. A patio, I think. I chose the best thing I could find and justify. A cafe patio where I had a soy latte. There was so much love and attention in that cup.

Soy LatteIt was just like sitting on a warm day patio drinking white wine except without the wine. I can actually have wine, but only 2 glasses once a week. So, I have to ask myself in that moment, “am I really going to drink wine with only the company of my 5 month old daughter?” That’s a little weird; I’ll just continue to save the wine moment.

Just three more hours and I’m one day closer to not feeling like this on the weekends when I’m just a wonderfully healthy eater who doesn’t think twice about an entire bag of dill pickle chips and a pile of M&M’s. I’m getting there, one bowl, latte, glass of tea at a time.