It may have started with my camera memory card malfunctioning, as I lost the pictures of the food I ate on Thursday and Friday. Or it could be that I was increasingly moody as the weekend approached. Challenging myself in this way wasn’t working anymore. Well, it was still working, but I wasn’t interested in going to the work of recreating or looking up stock photography for a bunch of food items, and didn’t much feel like posting without them either.

Therefore, I just didn’t, and now here I am at day 30 with still not a solid clue about what is wrong with the memory card on my camera. So, I’m just going to let it go at 24 days of posts and put it out there that I will indeed complete healthy eating tonight with a spaghetti squash, marinara and a few turkey meatballs and not much else fanfare.

Once I get out of the house and find it important to buy a new memory card, I’ll post food again, but probably not every day. I have a really nice repertoire of meals in this blog that I’m really happy about, and I am going to respond to a request to make the recipes into separate blog posts so that they are easy to find in the archive. I have made it through another round of 30 day challenging exercises and have started again, because I’m easily led down that path by someone who wants to continue – and other than that, I carry on.

I have to admit, when my new cookbook arrived – the one with the fancy binding – it’s probably going to be a huge saboteur as it is full of pasta and crostini recipes that look so amazing that I wept a little just reading them over. Ah…mayonnaise, and brandy, and tuna in oil, wrapped in bresola and cheese on a oiled french baguette. Stop now…I can’t take it. The other side of things was that last week I went through a food funk. I’m not alone in this healthy eating thing, I make it – everyone in this house eats it – by extension my partner has been through this whole thing with me. I started a complaint one night and he basically said, “Forget about it. Just eat and don’t go crazy.” He believes in eating whatever you want, working out every day, and just being moderate. If you want chocolate – have it – just don’t have it every day. I heard the wisdom in his words, “If we’re going to do this in the long haul, then we have to just be conscious of fat and portion size and not worry about locking down with a tablespoon in one hand and a kitchen scale in the other.” Was he painting a mental portrait of me?…I think he may have been.

Put down the scale.

Just keep aware, and allow yourself to feel your way through it, it’s not working right now if it doesn’t make you feel either accomplished or happy in some way.

Enough said, I’ve laid down my weapons of weight-loss for now.