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Not much fanfare to describe what I’ve found for art projects – just straight to the projects themselves. We love art projects around here, so I’ve collected many.

Watercolours beginner watercolours

Hunter has certainly done watercolours before in the classroom as he has brought watercolour pictures home in the past. Since we have a set I thought we might as well try some different watercolour effects, like this one: wet the paper before beginning! I think it turns out very beautifully: watercolour IMG_5194IMG_5195 bruno munari butterflyI have been thinking about Bruno Munari illustrations for awhile and when I saw this butterfly in the fold of his ABC’s book – I thought there should be something that we can try with folded paper. I found the instructions for an oil pastel butterfly I thought of Munari and reproducing something like it with watercolours. If it doesn’t work, we can always try oil pastels:oil pastel butterfly watercolours and saran wrap11064674_10155777182070372_842780275068161008_o-2

I think this food wrap and watercolour technique is really fun and wonderful looking, but what I also noticed is that if we learn this particular art project it serves as a technique in other more complicated art projects as either the background or as a technique to make, for instance this turtle look like he’s in water:water colour turtle IMG_5267

Or this project that uses lemon juice as a technique:IMG_5262 IMG_5262 IMG_5263

Collage – Mixed Media

This is a nice easy beginning ripping pieces of cardboard and painted pieces of paper: IMG_5196 IMG_5197As Hunter gains some mastery over the idea (as we haven’t really done this kind of art before), I think there are some really fun tissue paper collage projects: 11427258_10155777182095372_8747718217366525681_o-2 IMG_5270IMG_5271 Once he’s got the hang of it the pond will be great fun and can decorate our back patio doors – as they will be leading out to an inflatable pool that my parents have bought for Hunter’s summer fun. I like that many of these projects can occur at the picnic table outside or can be displayed through the summer outside. Including the dangling bread things that the squirrels will no doubt massacre (but I think that’s their point!)

Then there are some compound art projects that will occur over days, like this one: IMG_5277IMG_5278IMG_5258IMG_5259 If Hunter does well with some of these projects, I’m going to try some that require a little more fine motor skills like this simple “weaving” art:1523976_10155777182190372_3278084322786695234_o11334216_10155777182040372_8307521722389276982_o-2


We use both acrylic and “poster” or gouache paints that are typical of children’s “washable” brands of paint. Using gouache, I’m dying to try this speckle technique: IMG_5283IMG_5284IMG_5272 After some practice, I see this night sky art project as making it on to one of the canvases (we only have 3, so we need to choose wisely), as Hunter loves space pictures. The domed buildings art project I also see participating in a group of projects that explore “domed” architecture. (which I’ll post about in a separate post). IMG_5190IMG_5191IMG_5280IMG_5281_2I would like to try some of these “pulling cardboard” paint techniques before I bring out the acrylics and trowel to create this amazing artwork: IMG_5192IMG_5193IMG_5273IMG_5274

There you have all the art projects I’ve found so far. It’s a good start as a collection of ideas, and it will probably carry me through the whole summer without getting to them all.