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It was a nice easy day on Friday.

We started the day with the Surya Namaskar. Hunter liked going through it, but found it “hard”. Still, we were able to go through it three times and by the third time he was getting into it. Afterwards, we went into our first attempt at phonics/reading circle. We read some stirring eight-page novellas called Zac the Rat and Peg the Hen. Upon completing both, I guess the exercise was interesting enough that Hunter wanted to go through them again. He did so well, that the reward was a game on the Sesame Street website. Hunter chose a Cookie Monster science video called “Sink or Float”.11536500_10155857354645372_1359346127245930921_o-2

Basically, Cookie Monster and a friend introduce the child viewer to some basic precepts of science. In order to do science, you first need a question: Will it sink or float? They have a list of 6 things and the viewer must first make some observations about the item, then make a “hypothesis” 11696299_10155857354905372_6802927220094847040_oor a guess about whether each item will sink or float. You make a choice on the screen, then Cookie and friend drop the item in an oversized aquarium. Everyone examines the results.

After playing the video/game with 10 different items, we went into story time. Fortunately we had a book that addressed the same topic with activities at the end of the story. Reading this story along with the Sesame Street video produced a lot of good conversation about how science works and what a good hypothesis is, and how to make observations that lead to better guesses. Like, “is it rubber?” well we know rubber floats because there’s a rubber duck that floats in the bath.

At the end of the book, I unveiled probably the most exciting addition to the summer. A gift to Hunter’s summer experience from his grandparents: an enormous pool that had been slowly filling with water since breakfast.10485419_10155857355135372_4866346942312079695_o 11059346_10155857355110372_5206137196926289132_o

Hunter was ecstatic. I did not really need any other activities planned for the rest of the day as the pool became the main attraction for hours and hours. It. was. amazing.

Still, we gathered our things from the house that we wanted to drop in the pool to make some hypotheses about and lined them up on the table.

10256690_10155857354885372_6056676796377686264_oOne by one, we tossed them in the pool and observed the results. I have to admit – I was surprised by the sunglasses, I thought they might float – I don’t know why exactly, when I think about it I’ve never seen sunglasses floating in the ocean.

There was also a wildcard – the pinecone. The pinecone floated. However, we observed through the day that as the pinecone soaked up water it closed up completely into a tight triangular cone that sunk to the bottom.  As a last activity we opened the Does it Float story book again and tried the experiment at the back of the book.


The book suggested finding a jar with a lid. One at a time, add a rock into the jar and see how many rocks it takes until you sink the jar. The jar had to be over 3/4 full of rocks before we were able to sink it.

All in all, Hunter spent all afternoon until quiet play time outside around or in the pool. He and his sister (who watched him intently all day) were so tired by the end of the day, that I put on some music for “dance” time and both of them just sat in a chair together and listened to the music covered in a blanket.


I’m grateful for an uncomplicated day to ease me in – hoping for more days like them!