Mother. PhD Candidate. Photographer. Cook. Poet.

My name is Leslie and I study the forest for the trees, write poetry for perception, and prepare different food recipes for perspective. I am a PhD candidate, which means that I’m supposed to be writing instead of blogging. What I should be writing about is the estates of the 17th century British elite: their estate woodlands, the manicured gardens they constructed and the medieval mansions they made their homes. I study in two interdisciplinary fields: the School for the Environment and the Department of English. While my work is situated in the Early Modern period (1500-1700), I begin from the premise that an understanding of the past speaks to the issues that frame our current environmental crises. I’m heavily influenced by a phenomenological approach, as I make my way through poem, treatise, philosophical and social contract. Thinking and eating have long been connected for me, so I cannot even write this bio without thinking of the ham and cheese croissant I want to make.

I take photos, I write poems, I cook for myself (mostly) and a wonderful partner, I mother two children and write my dissertation. This is life.


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